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File Backup Problem

Do you ever worry about losing your files if your laptop or desktop crashes, gets damaged or stolen, or if the disk fails? Do you have an up-to-date backup copy of your files?

If you are responsible for enterprise severs that many users depend on, what do you do if they demand immediate access to their files when the server is down, whether it be for service or another reason?

Cloud Computing for Disaster Prevention

Twin Peaks My Mirror and Replication Plus products are based on our patented technology Mirror File System (US patent 7418439). It can help users save their important laptop files in real time to the Cloud. It also enables enterprise IT professionals to replicate the mission critical application and data to one or more severs on the Cloud in real time.

When there are two copies of live file and mission critical application on two separate systems on the Cloud, disaster can be prevented.

Simple Idea

The basic idea is simple. Every time a file is written, the changes are saved immediately across the network to another system in the Cloud. At any given time, there are always two live, active copies of the same file in two separate locations, one locally and one on the Cloud.

Easy Solution

TPS My Mirror for Windows and Replication Plus for Linux are available for free download

The  simple, powerful solution is very easy to use. You just select two folders from a simple user friendly GUI program, and the mirroring will take place right away. It makes life both safer and easier.