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Replication Plus software is a real-time file replication tool that enables fast, live file replication between two file systems.

Replication Plus can back up users' emails and folders to the secondary email server for further tape and disk backup processing. When equipped with the Heartbeat package, the two email servers can be configured as clustering email servers to provide disaster recovery capability. When the primary email server fails or is taken out of service, the secondary email server takes over the email service with no delay.

Datasheet: Email Clustering

Example: A failsafe email server

File server and NAS Clustering

Nearly the same procedures can be used to configure a failsafe file server and NAS box to serve Linux, Unix, and Windows clients.

Datasheet: File server and NAS Clustering

Database server

Replication Plus is a good tool for a robust database server when applications use the file, not the raw disk, as the database.


Clustering Plus adds our unique distributed locking mechanism to Replication Plus. When two systems are configured with the Clustering Plus software, they can be separated by hundreds of miles yet still be able to replicate files in real time. Our distributed locking protocol enables the two servers to write to the same file at the same time while maintaining file consistency and coherency.


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