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Twin Peaks Software’s mission is to develop and market products based on its patented Mirror File System (MFS) technology. Its Replication Plus and Clustering Plus products offer breakthrough solutions to problems that have persisted since the inception of the IT industry.

As CPU speed, storage capacity, and network bandwidth technologies continue to advance, the conventional single-system or single-location data model has lagged far behind. The lack of qualitative development in operating system and file system software has obliged the IT industry to rely upon awkward and inefficient techniques. For instance, block-level storage replication and shared storage clustering systems are largely unable to address the need for reliable disaster recovery, true high availability, and load balancing. The advent of cloud computing only makes this need more dramatic.

Twin Peaks Software anticipated the deficiencies of current data technologies, which have become increasingly obsolescent. Its Mirror File System technology uses a multi-location Always Available model that improves hardware utilization and produces efficient and elegant solutions for software problems that have plagued the IT industry for decades.

The following table summarizes the differences between conventional technologies and those on the Mirror File System.





Conventional Technology

Mirror File System

Highly Available

Always Availability

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Prevention

Single-location Load Balancing

Multi-location Load Balancing

Schedule Online File Backup

Real Time Online File Backup