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Replication Plus           

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TPS Replication PlusTM

TPS Replication Plus is an innovative replication solution that protects data to and from  remote locations in real time, with easy backup, fast recovery, and superlative data protection.

Key Benefits

Product Features

TPS Replication Plus is built on innovative Mirror File System technology whose unique  file-level operational mechanism replicates files and directories over the network in real time. This invention and its extraordinary scope enable:

Product Specification

Hardware: X86, X86_64

Software:  Linux Red Hat 5, CentOS 5


Active server:   Linux Red Hat 5 or CentOS 5

Passive server: Any UNIX or Linux systems that support NFSv2, v3

Client system:  Any UNIX or Linux clients running NFS v2, NFS v3; Windows  systems running CIFS

Configuration:  Two servers are configured as an active-passive pair. Active-passive configuration is one-directional

Scalability: Three or more servers can be configured as a daisy-chain, e.g., active-passive/active-passive New servers can be added on the fly

File System Support: EXT3, UFS, NFS v2, NFS v3

File System Size: No set limit; file system sizes on replication servers can differ

Storage Requirement: Any disk or storage, such as RAID or JBOD

Network Connection: LAN: 10M, 100M, 1G Ethernet; SAN: Fiber Channel; WAN: DS3 or above