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Fred Hashtpari

Fred brings over 20 years of financial experience in the technology industry to Twin Peaks Software. He has held increasingly responsible positions in business development, finance, and operations, including senior management positions at National Advanced Systems, Hitachi Data Systems, and 3COM, where he was Controller, Americas Sales Region prior to joiniing Twin Peaks Software. Fred earned his BA at the Institute of Advanced Accounting and his MBA at the University of San Francisco.


TJ was General Manager/Vice President at Octasoft Inc., a venture funded startup specilizing in financial industrial solutions. He was responsible for sales, marketing, and services operations. Prior to Octasoft, TJ was Managing Director for BroadVision Asia Pacific. TJ also held management positions in product marketing and business development at BroadVision. TJ has over 15 years of experience in the software industry. TJ holds an MS in computer science from California Polytechnic State University and an MBA in marketing from Golden Gate University. TJ holds one US patent.

Mark Ting, 丁漢

Mark has 15 years of marketing and sales experience in IT industry. He is very familiar with different fields of IT world including business software, file system, High Availability, networking, security and storage system and has sold products from IBM, Novell, CA, 3COM, Bizcovery and TPS. He has held engineering, marketing, PM and Business Development positions at Runcomp, Feya and Bestcom. Taiwan and greater China are his main marketing and sales regions. Mark holds a BS degree from Taiwan Ocean University.

Jessica Su

With over 15 years worldwide business development in the semiconductor and software industries, Jessica has helped start two high technology companies and raised over $10M funding. She has held sales and marketing positions at Trident Microsystems, Chip & Technologies, ZyMOS and TVIA and was co-founder and general manager of Advanc Logic, Inc. and DigiBits Interactive, Inc. Jessica holds a BS degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of California, Davis.

John Wong

With over 20 years' experience designing and developing UNIX kernels and file systems, John has the detailed understanding of fundamental design issues and operating system internals necessary to develop the vision of innovative, proprietary information solutions exemplified by the Mirror File System. He has held engineering positions at IBM, HP, Fujitsu America, and Amdahl, and Sun Microsystems. He holds a BA degree from Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan and a MS in Computer Science from Wright State University in Ohio. John holds one US patent.

Gary Sloane

Gary has contributed to numerous projects at Xerox PARC, Silicon Graphics, and Sun Microsystems, with over 100 technical publication credits since 1985. He attended Antioch College, Harvard University, the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and the University of California, Irvine.